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Driveway Gates

Driveway Gates

We are installers of some of the finest bespoke electric driveway gates throughout Essex, London, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, and Kent

Installers of the finest aluminium gates throughout Essex and beyond. All of our aluminium gates are lightweight, strong, and virtually maintenance-free. Aluminium is 1/3 the weight of steel, meaning it has a longer life span on the motors, and aluminium will never rust. Read More

Aluminium Gates
Wooden/Timber Gates

Stunning wooden gates crafted by hand from your choice of hardwood or softwood. Our timber gates are constructed from a variety of different woods, such as Iroko, Sapele, Util, or Redwood. Our gates will make a property look beautiful as well as secure. Read More

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Innovate Gates: Making an Entrance with Stunning Driveway Gates

Innovate Gates are one of the leading experts in driveway gate design, installation, and automation across Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Kent, and London. Our team of skilled craftsmen and engineers is dedicated to creating bespoke electric gates that elevate the entrance to your property, combining beauty, security, and convenience.

Wooden Driveway Gates: Timeless Elegance
Crafted by hand from your choice of premium hardwoods like iroko, sapele, or redwood, our wooden gates exude warmth and classic charm. Each timber gate is meticulously constructed using traditional carpentry techniques, such as mortise and tenon jointing, stop chamfering, and dowelling, ensuring strength and durability without the use of nails or bolts.

Metal Driveway Gates: Strong and Stylish
For those seeking a more contemporary look, our wrought iron and steel driveway gates offer a perfect blend of elegance and security. Custom-built by British craftsmen, these metal gates are available in a range of traditional and modern designs, galvanised and powder-coated to your desired colour for long-lasting corrosion resistance.

Aluminium Driveway Gates: Lightweight and Low Maintenance
Our aluminium gates are the epitome of sleek and modern design. Lightweight yet incredibly strong, these gates are virtually maintenance-free and will never rust, ensuring a lasting investment for your property. With a wide range of styles and the option for automation, our aluminium gates provide both beauty and convenience.

Clad Driveway Gates: Bespoke and Refined
Elevate your property with our bespoke clad gates, available as swing or sliding gates, manually operated or fully automated. These gates are meticulously crafted to your exact specifications, allowing you to create a truly unique and personalised entrance that adds both elegance and security to your home.

Gate Automation and Entry Systems
At Innovate Gates, we understand the importance of convenience and security. Our impressive range of gate automation systems and entry solutions, including keypads, GSM audio intercoms, and app-controlled digital intercoms, ensure effortless access and complete control over your property's entrance.

Premium Gates: The Ultimate Luxury
For those seeking the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship, our premium gates are the perfect choice. Constructed using only the finest materials and expertly crafted by master artisans, these gates are available in hardwood, steel, or a combination of both. With a variety of modern and classic designs, our premium gates can be fully automated and customised to your exact preferences, providing a truly bespoke and luxurious entrance.


Gate Repairs and Maintenance
In addition to new installations, we also offer comprehensive electric gate repair services across our service area. Our highly knowledgeable engineers are experienced with all leading gate automation brands, ensuring efficient and reliable repairs, from battery replacements to control board fixes, to keep your gates functioning perfectly.

Bespoke Ironwork: Attention to Detail
At Innovate Gates, we are obsessed with the details that make our gates truly exceptional. All hinges, plates, and brackets are custom designed and fabricated in-house from a 10mm-thick steel plate, shaped, welded, and powder-coated to your desired finish. Our bespoke ironwork solutions ensure that every gate we install is a unique masterpiece, tailored to your exact requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your driveway gate needs and let our experts guide you in creating the perfect entrance for your property.

Distinctive wrought iron gates and metal gates designed and fabricated by us for you. Custom built by British craftsmen using box sectional steel. The steel is powder coated to your desired colour and finish. Our steel gates are available as swing or sliding with modern and classic designs. Read More

Wrought Iron Metal Gates
Cald Gates

Elevate your property with bespoke clad gates crafted to perfection to your exact requirements. Our clad/infill gates are available as either swing gates or sliding gates; they can be electric or manually operated. All our gates can be fully automated. Read More

At Innovate Gates, we use cutting-edge design and fabrication to construct gates to the highest standards for modern homes. Our contemporary gates combine with automation for the finest electric gates in metal, wood, or aluminium, tailored to your needs. Read More

Modern Contemporary Gates
Traditional Driveway Gates

At Innovate Gates, we are passionate about preserving the time-honoured traditions of gate craftsmanship while seamlessly integrating the latest innovations in design and technology. Our traditional gates are a testament to the enduring art of handmade craftsmanship. Read More

Our hinges and ironmongery are custom designed and fabricated in-house from 10mm steel plate, not off-the-shelf. Every gate is expertly crafted from premium materials to your exact requirements for a truly bespoke, stunning installation. Read More

Bespoke Ironwork
Premium Driveway Gates

Our high-end premium gates are built to order. Our hardwood and steel gates are custom designed using the finest materials, handcrafted by master craftsmen. Available as swing or sliding gates with modern or classic designs and full gate automation systems. Read More

Our range includes simple keypads to high-spec digital intercoms with app control. Popular GSM audio intercoms allow visitors to call property owners directly. Swing/sliding gates are automated with motors to suit requirements by highly certified engineers. Read More

Electric Gate Automation and Entry
Electric Gate Repairs and Maintenance

We offer a range of electric gate repair services across Essex, London, Kent, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Our engineers service all leading brands, from battery replacements to control board repairs. Get your electric gates working perfectly again. Read More

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